How to share real-time location on Google map ?

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Google had introduced a real time location sharing feature for some time before its users. Through this feature, users can tell their friends where they are and what they are doing. Let’s say that this feature was launched by Google for both Android and iOS users. If you also want to stay connected with your friends, then follow these steps and share your real time location.

Explain that here you can choose how long you want to share your location with friends. With this feature you can also off your stock location after a certain time. Follow these options to share the location with your friends.

For this you have to first open Google map. Then tap the left and three Horizontal buttons in the side of the menu.

After this, tap the Share Location option and add the person’s icon, from which you want to share your location.

Select from here how long you want to share your location with your friends. You can also turn it off after a time period.

After that, select those people with whom you want to share your real time location. If your friends do not have Google Maps, you can share the location through the link from the social networking app.

Now the people you’ve sent the link will get notifications about the location you’ve shared. After this, with the help of Google Maps and Google Maps website, he will be able to see your location in real time.

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