How to make a smartphone TV remote?

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If the remote control is stacked at home and do not want to buy Universal Remote, then this news is for your work, because in this I am going to tell you how to use the smartphone as a universal remote control i.e. a remote Controls can be used to control all devices except TV, music system, which require separate remote.

If you have an Android TV, then there is an Android TV Remote Control app called Google Play Store, which Google Inc has created, just have to install this app in your phone, after which it has to be set.

How to set up the app in the Wi-Fi network?

1- First of all, keep in mind that your TV and phone are connected to the same Wi-Fi.
2- Then open the Android TV Remote Control app in the phone.
3- Now select the name of any TV you are using in the app.
4- Once you select the name, a PIN will come in your TV while on the given option in the pin app.
5- Then click on the Pair option given in the app, now your phone is connected to the TV.

How to connect with Bluetooth?

If you are not using Wi-Fi, you can use the remote app by connecting the phone to a TV with the help of Bluetooth.

1- First turn on the Bluetooth given on the phone.
2- Then open the Android TV Remote Control app.
3- You will see an error related to Wi-Fi in the phone, but do not worry about it and wait a bit.
4- Now in the app you will see the name of the TV you are using
5- Now there will be a Bluetooth notification in the phone which will ask for Pair
6- After selecting the Pair option your TV will connect to the phone

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