Learn How to Fix hanging of your Android Phone

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Hanging phones is one of most complaints of users in Android devices. Today, through this article, we are telling Android users how you can fix your phone that is hanging out. You do not have to do much more than just clean your phone. We will tell you how to clean it.

After downloading many apps in Android devices, we uninstall many of these apps. But at times there is a lot of storage in the internal storage, so that the device starts hanging to complete many tasks.

All these are due to the collection of cache and junk files present in the device. For this, you should delete all junk files and cache files from the phone.

Let’s know how to do this task.

Be aware that your phone is updated

If your phone is updated, it can solve many problems, and your phone will also perform better. For this, go to Settings, About Device and then Software Update. If there are any pending updates in the phone, please update it.

home screen

To improve the look of the phone, many people use live wallpapers, which look great. These wallpapers take more space in your phone and make your device slo Replacing a live wallpaper from the image can increase the speed of the phone.

Delete junk file and cache file to fix hanging

There are several types of junk files and cache files in the phone which should be deleted from time to time. There are a lot of apps available for this. You can download a CCleaner app. With this app, junk files can be deleted from the phone.

Duplicate Contacts

There are several duplicate contacts store in Android device. So keep in mind that you also delete them. Duplicate contacts and utilities are an easy tool through which these tasks can be performed.

Auto sync
Most users add many accounts to Android devices and allow auto sync. Not only does the battery process cost more in the sync process, it also affects the internal storage. It starts to hang the phone. For this, remove the accounts you do not use.

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