Fix your play store from crashing again & again

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Smartphone users are often upset about Playstation Crash. In this problem when users are downloading an application on the Play store, the Play store stops responding automatically or does not open. In this way many users start restarting the phone or leave the phone just like it. Did you know that having a Playstore crash can cause great trouble for you, when you want to download an app immediately and not do it.

Why Your Play Store it’s crashing?

Users often do not pay attention to PlayStore’s cash problem as the Internet and calling do not affect it, but ignoring it as a small problem is wrong. You can fix this problem at home only, there is no need to go to the service center. Here we are going to tell you some tips, with the help of how you can fix Playstore’s crash problem at home.

Reset Google Account-

If your PlayStore is not working even after trying a few times, then you need to reset the Google Account. First of all, go to the phone’s settings. Removing the account by clicking on the Google Account here. Now switch on the phone to switch on and integrate your Gmail account. Now open playstore again. Your Playstore will now work and you can install any application

Factory data reset-

If the Play store is crashing frequently, then you have the second option to reset the phone’s factory data. Play Store will start working on resetting the factory data of Android phones.

Update Google Play Store –
If Google Play store is crashing repeatedly, it may be that you have not downloaded its update version. Keep in mind that keep updating Playstore as always. Sometimes there is a problem in downloading the application due to not being a play store update.

Clear Data –

The reason for having a Playstore hang or crash may be additional data in many phones. First of all, go to the phone settings and click on the app. Now tap the play store and clear the cache. After this, Playstore will start working.

Make a phone hardboot-

If the error code 491 is coming up repeatedly while downloading updates or apps from the Google Play Store, then understand that the Android phone has to be hardboot now. First, turn off your Android phone to hard-boot and then press Power and Volume Down or Up buttons simultaneously. Hardboot will come in settings. Yes Yes Use the Volume Button to select the reboot system and OK with the Volume button. Now your phone will be hard-booted and the problem of PlayStore crash will end.

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