Dark mode feature of Youtube

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Throughout the day you will be watching videos on YouTube, but hardly you know about YouTube’s darmm mode feature. Google introduced the Dark Mode feature for YouTube sometime ago. In this YouTube feature, you will love a brand new theme, which will be completely different from its old theme red and white. After going to this theme, users will see YouTube in red and black. Due to black color it has been named as dark mode feature.

Many users of YouTube do not know about this feature. Actually, the Dark Mode feature users are not able to see it, because of this, users do not even tell about it. Actually this is a layout secrecy and you will need a little bit of information to use it. If you also want to activate Dark Mode in your YouTube, then your Chrome browser version should be version 67 or greater. Here we are telling you about the methods and benefits of using it.

YouTube’s ‘dark mode’ feature supports both Windows and Mac OS operating. For this you need to first open your YouTube page on the incognito tab. Which can be open by clicking anywhere on the page on the right. You can also open the incognito tab through shortcuts. Press Ctrl + Shift + N for this. After that the incognito tab will be opened.

Now open YouTube in this tab. To open it in Windows, you can open this tab by clicking ‘Ctrl + Shift + I’ and ‘Option + Command + I’ in Mac OS. Then press Ctrl + Shift + I there, which will open a developer menu on the window. Let’s say that Mac users have to use Option + Command + I for this.

Click on the ‘console’ tab in the page that opens there on the right. Then paste the document.cookie = ‘VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE = fPQ4jCL6EiE’ link there and click Enter.

Now reload the page and click on the right side. While you will see a sign in button, click on the given three points and go to the menu button. After this you will get the option of dark mode. Click on the dark mode option and activate this feature by clicking on the ‘activate dark mode’ option given there. After this you will turn the YouTube page into dark mode.

After this you have to press the three dots on the right side of the screen to turn on the dark mode, actually you can use it if you have not signed in to YouTube.

If you have signed up on YouTube then go to the option of your profile on the screen where the option of turning on the dark mode will be able to turn on this dark mode at a time.

Benefits of Dark Mode-
The Dark Mode feature is built keeping in mind the users who spend a lot of time on YouTube or Late Night uses YouTube. White and red theme Youtube in Dim Room Lyle can damage your eyes. It would be better to work late and for long periods of time that you use the Dark Mode feature.

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